rFBaja by KittX - Carreras Campo a traves

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rFBaja by KittX - Carreras Campo a traves

Mensaje por crobol » 06 Nov 2011 12:02

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Otro intento de suplir las limitaciones de rF de carreras en circuito cerrado intentando emular carreras campo a traves.
Parece interesante a juzgar por las imagenes y segun dice el autor, tiene pensado ir publicando diversas etapas.

Pincha para ir a la descarga rFBaja by KittX
rfBaja: Prologue
(version 0.5)

rfBaja is an idea of new type of tracks to rFactor. Based on a free roaming around the big square of driveable terrain, and going through the checkpoint gates.
Sadly there are only 2 possible xsectors (+Start/Finish sector) in rFactor, so there are only 3 gates on each layout. But I've placed them not so close :)
The loadscreens have navigation maps; plus for easier navigation there are blimps in the sky above each gate.

In this package there is the one fully working track, which contains 3 racing layouts. It's based on a real terrain in the area of Southern Altai,
near the borders of Russia and Kazahstan
This is not the one-chapter project, I will gradually add more tracks and release the version 1.00 with at least 3 tracks included.
I've already included the common objects and maps, so its only terrain meshes with some unique objects are to be done.

This version is just for testing how will it go for the public, I hope you like the idea, so I could bring more tracks with more motivation.
Also I'm planning to bring it to rFactor 2 as well, in some time.
So I'm looking for your opinions and suggestions, and also maybe more people will be interested in making this type of tracks.
Mods which will fit to this type of tracks:

VORRA Buggies
WCORR Reloaded 2.5

Open and driveable terrain
Sun glare (DX9 only)
Animated objects: heli (landed & stationary @ practice session); fireplaces; camera flashes (race only)
Max vehicles: 18

INSTALLATION: just put into your rFactor folder.

Best viewed in DX9 mode.
it's better to have an unique rF installation for the listed type of mods, and with flag rules turned off.

The terrain mesh, the common meshes and textures by KittX
Some static vehicles by Tolmachevo team.
The tree textures were bought on Turbosquid, so if you want to use them, a little thankyou in the readme would be awesome.
In this track I've used the Siim Annuk's light flare shader (the files are included)
also big thanks to ehrlec, for the idea of placing the sun and moon on track (sadly they won't move around the sky in rF1,
but with right combination of sky textures they look fine).
Big thanks to Hompe for the video teaser and for his friendly help with the project.

- Cams are not good. I'll improve the cams in the version 1.0 If you want to improve/redo the cams, make sure in each cam you have high lod multiplier and
high value for the clipping the back planes, I use 11000
- There may be some FPS drops on this track. Mainly, because of the amount of trees. I had to do my best to optimize the trees, but with
a big amount of cars the FPS may seriously drop (especially with WCORR/ORR cars with their lots of detachable and moveable parts). Reducing the amount
of cars will help gain FPS, and it won't take the fun away :) playing with 6-7 opponents is still great fun.
Next tracks will have less amount of trees (and/or tree blocks like in my Varshko), so they will be better on FPS.
- For me, the layouts are placed in the wrong order ingame. I've spent 7 hours to understand why, but they still show up in wrong order. If you have any ideas,
drop me a line.

As I said before - looking for your opinions and suggestions, it is important for the future of this type of tracks in rF1 and rF2.

(c) KittX
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Re: rFBaja by KittX - Carreras Campo a traves

Mensaje por Vojvoda » 06 Nov 2011 19:15

Al circuito le faltan texturas y tira errores, para parchearlo se debe de instalar el otro circuito del mismo creador.
http://iamkittx.blogspot.com/2011/03/va ... eased.html