F1 67 Classic Reloaded by DRM-MODDING-TEAM

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F1 67 Classic Reloaded by DRM-MODDING-TEAM

Mensaje por Vojvoda » 12 Dic 2012 17:59

Nueva versión del mod F1-Classic 67, ajustada por NIL (DRM Modding Team)
Thanks to NIL for the great sound and your endless time to test, senormen for the perfect tracks, we love your Watkins Glen.


With this version we want to "refresh" the F1-Classic 67 mod and we hope you enjoy the ride with these fabolous cars.

Thats fact, all models are from the mother of all sims GPL. THX Papyrus, THX GPL community.

As a base we have used the F1 Classic Version 2.3 and modified according to our expectations.
In the beginning it was only the physics part, later we decided to add new sounds, new 3d models for the rims, suspension, brakes
and so on, a lot of new or merged textures ....

Ultimately became the planned 2 weeks Update, a 4-month "F1 Classic Reloaded".

THX slimJim for the permission.

Please deinstall the Version 2.3 before installing the F1 67 Classic reloaded



new Sounds for all cars
new Ambient and Pitsound
new camfiles


new meshes for rim and and/or new textures
optimizing and modified normals from all meshes
remapping most of the parts
optimizing textures
modified suspension, working caliper and spindle in the cockpitview
reducing meshsize, creating LOD's and optimizing FPS
new physics, modified tires, based on the tire file the Version 2.3
modified showroom, Thanks to the historicX-Team

Beta testing NIL, dmatzies

following the Readme from the 2.3 Version.

MOD..........F1 Classic 2,3 by Slimjim and F1 Classic modding team

Slimjim.... Car physics, and all car builds
ChiefWiggum.. car skins, and other textures
Ben Hur.... helmet and FFB upgrades
pain-less .... Menu Graphics
Chipsy69 ...car starter sound, added wind sounds
h_m_m_77... cockpit updates
Dave Purdy... new Pro tire build
Clint Davis, aka Vivifyer...new wheels

here's the run down for people that are interested of what's exactly in the content of the mod..

sounds.. History X... by wolferl
car body mesh... GPL / GPLEA modding group
engines.and engine textures... GPLEA / Slimjim / Thunderchild
team logos.....ChiefWiggum
dash textures..... ChisefWiggum and h_m_m_77
dash gagues... ISI...gague textures...Slimjim / crators of the Can-Am mod
front suspension mesh.... lo.. the creator of the F3 mod
tire textures Slimjim.. with some help from others..
shocks.... Mauricio Leiva..aka...reuteman
steering wheels...Textures./ ChiefWiggum, and h_m_m_77
all Car skins.... ChiefWiggum
cockpit.....Slimjim...textures...ChiefWiggum and h_m_m_77 and a few hiden people...lol
Old style helmets.. GTL modified..Slimjim...textures...Slimjim / ChiefWiggum
New pit sounds from Race 07, and the know how of installing it from the guys at GP Classic team.

Honda Mirror fix and help with textures....nomedigano

I think that about covers everything... sorry if i missed something..
parts made by the GPLEA i do not know the names of the people who did the actual creating of said mesh or textures...

Beta Testing

Steve Boyer. Roger Owen,

And a big Thanks you to all member of the F1 Classic site for helping with input, Beta testing, and ideas.

ED Straker for doing research and keeping us on our toes..

Thanks to the help of 3Dsimed, Google Sketchup, PSP and Photoshop.
and a Big Thank you for ISI and rFactor, for this would never have been possible.
Pincha para ir a la descarga F1 67 Classic Reloaded by DRM-MODDING-TEAM
Pincha para ir a la descarga F1 67 Classic Reloaded by DRM-MODDING-TEAM (Mirror)
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Re: F1 67 Classic Reloaded by DRM-MODDING-TEAM

Mensaje por shelbygt500 » 12 Dic 2012 18:55

Que buena pinta!! Vamos a probarlo :oks: :oks: