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Digital Clutch Setup

Publicado: 02 Ene 2013 06:25
por KiwiRacer
Hi All

I have setup the digital clutch all works ok, can adjust the bite point, but from within
display xr controller software show optimal rpm does not seem to work.
The mod i am using is f1rft 2012, when clutch is pressed in throttle is full at max rpm. should the software limit rpm when clutch is held in. Any help for better launches whould be a help, i cant launch the car without wheel spin. Thank you.

Re: Digital Clutch Setup

Publicado: 13 Ene 2013 11:28
por calvorota
No, it can't.

Optimal RPM is a setting to make the display show the RPM to be held in the start (an aid to show how much do you have to push the gas pedal).

Once you have determined the optimal RPM for your vehicle (using motor graphics to determine the max torque point), you set up the optimal RPM to this point.

Then, during the start you push the gas pedal until the RPM lights are in the "optimal" position while holding both clutch paddles. On green you release one of the paddles and the car should not slide (don't know if this is the right word) if the bite point has been correctly set up. When the car has gained speed you release the other paddle and then push full gas.

So optimal rpm can't limit your RPM but only show them while in the grid waiting for the green light.

Re: Digital Clutch Setup

Publicado: 13 Ene 2013 11:34
por calvorota
Remember to test the clutch bite point before the start, as it should vary from one circuit to another.

If your wheel spins... increment the bite point until it stops spinning. Remember to make this tests with tha same amount of gas as you will use in the real start (optimal RPM are a help at this point).