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Varshko-Ovragi St.Peterburg (Russia) Tierra y nieve....

Publicado: 02 Mar 2011 21:15
por crobol
Varshko-Ovragi St.Peterburg (Russia) by KittX

Scratch-made track for rFactor
The fictional circuit, which represents the real location, between two villages - "Ovragi" and "Varshko", located in the northern suburbs of St. Petersburg, in the Priozersk region.
The location was made using Google data, photos and real-life experience :)

4 layouts
2 seasons (July and February)
Dirt and Ice racing
Custom skybox for each layout
Animated birds
Light flare shaders by Siim Annuk
Static vehicles by Tolmachevo team

There aren't plenty of cars to run on the ice circuit, but RXv2, Peugeot 207 S2000, WRC Subaru run there very well.

Max vehicles: 24

When exiting the pits, follow the pit exit instructions on LCD screen located at the garage exit.

Still considering about 2nd package, and if it's done, it will include tarmac versions.
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