¿Recordais el tema del raton para el rFactor?

Cualquier tema que no tenga ningun foro definido.


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¿Recordais el tema del raton para el rFactor?

Mensaje por larahusky » 15 Sep 2009 20:46

Muchos recordareis aquel singular piloto que queria usar el raton o preguntaba al menos como hacerlo, pues eh aquí la respuesta:
In order to use the mouse for steering in RFACTOR , here is a guide ;
(tested on WinXP 32bit Pro En)

1 - Create a standard game port .
Go to Control Panel->Add Hardware->Add a new hardware device->Advanced->Sound,Video and Game Controllers->Standard Systems Devices->Standard Game Port .
You can verify that the port has been created by checking the device manager .

2 - Install mouse joystick drivers .
Download jmouse.msi http://www.sendspace.com/file/53j4qk
Install and restart the pc .

3 - Configure mouse joystick .
Go to Start->Programs->Mouse Joystick->Mouse Joystick Properties and set the axis and buttons you wish your joystick to have .
Button1=Left mouse button
Button2=Right mouse button
Button3=Center mouse button
I recommend not using button1 because it may cause problems when clicking on games' menus etc.
I also suggest leaving axis scales at their defaults .

4 - Add Game Controller .
Go to Control Panel->Game Controllers->Add->Mouse Joystick .
(-If you get an error message and you can't add it , go to device manager->game controllers->standard game port->properties->resources and change manually the configuration to a next one.This may happen because of conflicts.You can verify that no conflicts exist when no '!' symbol is next to the game port in device manager.When the port has no conflicts , try again to add the joystick ) .

5 - Calibrate Mouse Joystick .
Go to Control Panel->Game Controllers->Mouse Joystick->Properties->Settings->Calibrate and follow the instructions .
Make sure you move the mouse at the whole presented box area in order for the axis to work properly .
ONLY after you see that the crosshair is moving along with the mouse movements , the joystick is ready for use .

6 - Mapping buttons and axis to the game .
The last step is to map the mouse joystick axis and buttons to the game's controls .
Go to controlls and do as you would with a steering wheel.
Fuente: 3dgames

¡¡¡ Vendamos los volantes y comprémonos buenos ratones !!! :lol:
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