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Plugin - rF2 CarStat WebSite

Mensaje por crobol » 06 Feb 2012 05:20

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CarStat V2.0 Website

On this website you can find all the different statistics of the different mods for rFactor 2. Click the "Mod statistics"-button in the menu to start your journey through the dozens of parameters that are very useful when you want to push your car’s performance to the maximum.
Take a look at the "About" page for more information about CarStat 2 or click "My settings" if metric measurements aren’t your thing.

In the "News"-section I’ll keep you up-to-date with the changes and to-do list for this website.
This website is still under construction and I’ll keep refining and adding more features to it.

Still To do:
  • Wheelbase statistic.
    Include driveshaft power loss in Engine sections.
    Extra mod-info by mod uploader.
    Aero predictions.
    Implementation of (power) upgrades. The 3 beta mods don’t have engine upgrades, so this is hard for me to implement at this stage.
    The user gives in his average wear/lap percentage, clicks on a "Predict"-button and gets a WearRate-graph that shows him when he should be visiting the pits. Still a bit unclear about this.
    A pitstop simulator like CarStat 1.3 had. You can insert the fuel to add, how many tires you want to change and what damage you want to fix: CarStat gives you a prediction of your pitstop time.
    Comparing different cars. This is for the longer future.
    Figuring out how to deal with mod-updates.
    Adding an extra "mod slection" page where the mods will be divised under categories (f.e. open-wheelers, tintops,…).
If people would find this interesting: adding downloadlinks for mods.
Small client application that reads the manifest files and tailors the website to your installed mods.

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