Circuito - rF2 Croft by Feels3

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Circuito - rF2 Croft by Feels3

Mensaje por Aphex » 19 Jul 2012 02:08

por fin Feels3 a liberado la beta de Croft.... y solo puedo decir que es impresionante :blink:
Croft v0.91 - release notes:

- trees are temporary 2d bilboards, fully 3d trees are planned for v1.0 (performance reason)
- HDR profile is from ISI's track, new profile is planned for v1.0
- dirt layout is planned for v1.0
- animations are planned for v1.0
- temporary night lighting, upgrage is planned for v1.0
- 1% textures are from ISI's tracks.
- up to 40 drivers on track (24 + 16 garages / 24 pits)
- AI is very far from perfect, upgrade is planned ASAP.
- temporary replay cameras, upgrade is planned for 1.0
- no trackside sounds, upgrade is planne for 1.0
- performance, models and textures improvements are planned for 1.0

Croft v1.0 is planned after GOLD version of rfactor 2.

On full/max details Croft has 20-60% better performance than ISI's track (depends on hardware) but if you still have a problem, try these settings:

shadows "low"
track details "medium"
enviroment reflections "OFF"
HDR ON, AA 2x, AF 4x
other settings: ON/HIGH

These settings are good compromise between quality & performance.

Feel3 to C&C.

ps. package contains track and three vmods.
Vmods need updated cars and tracks:

Palm Beach

1960 OW ... sed-14165/
ApHex #178