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Road Warrior

Publicado: 27 Ene 2014 15:22
por P3l0ch0
Description of Series: This official iRacing series will feature road racing from all around the world. The series will utilize a variety of cars with almost half the races being multi-class. It includes 20 races spanning all 12 months of the calendar with points being tracked all year long. Race in all of them or just the ones you want.

Purpose: To have an exciting year-long event style series for road racing (similar to the NASCAR iRacing Series on the oval side) utilizing a variety of cars and tracks that will feature full fields and multiple race splits.

Race Times:

Saturday 1:00 GMT (Friday 8:00 PM est)
Saturday 20:00 GMT (Saturday 3:00 PM est)
Sunday 1:00 GMT (Saturday 8:00 PM est)
Sunday 12:00 GMT (Sunday 7:00AM est)

*Note that we will not be adjusting times for daylight savings. GMT start time will always remain the same. You will need to convert to local time and allow for DST if your location observes it.

Race Distance: This will vary week to week. Some races will be timed others will be laps but generally speaking a lot of variety in the race distances.

iRacing member eligibility: All members in good standing with at least a Road D 4.0 are eligible to participate in this series. You do not have to compete in all races.

Server Farms: US servers only

Resets: None

Race car setup: Open car sets so you can build your own, use a shared set from another member or use the iRacing setup that will be provided for each car participating in the series.

Race warm up: 10 minutes

Number of races and drop weeks: 20 races with 2 drop weeks

Field size: Will vary by race

Cautions: local only

Incident Limit: 17 per race

Qualifying: 20 minute open qualifying session throughout the race week. Your fastest qualifying time will carry to all race session you join. You do not need to qualify in order to race.

Divisions: Standard 10 divisions

Splits: Splits will be set by iRating

Gridding: Grids will be set first by qualifying time, then by iRating.

Points: Standard point system will be used. Note that for multi-class races only the class where you score the most points will be used. However you can race in all classes if you like but again only the car class in which you score the most points in a given week will be used for series scoring. That said, it is a moot point because standard iRacing scoring takes your top 25% race performances and with only 4 races per week, it is simply going to take your highest scored race regardless of car class in a given week.

Schedule is attached:

*Schedule is subject to change. We reserve the right to modify the schedule at any time including adding or deleting events, cars or tracks, changing the race times or anything else.


Re: Road Warrior

Publicado: 29 Ene 2014 12:27
por Rizzo
Gracias por la info Pelos.

A ver q se tal se da.