Sin:Speed [IOS] iR, rF, LFS, R07, GTR2...etc

Otros sistemas para obtener Displays. (Software, plugins...etc)

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Sin:Speed [IOS] iR, rF, LFS, R07, GTR2...etc

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The ultimate app for sim racer!

Use your iPhone® / iPod touch® or iPad® as wireless speedometer
for your favorite sim racing titles like "Live for Speed", "iRacing" , "rFactor" or titles from company "SimBin" for example: "Race 07", "GTR2", ...

All games except "Live for Speed" needs the "sin:speed connector" application running on your pc.


General usage:

- Start the app
- Choose Live for Speed or sin:speed connector
- Follow the configuration hints on screen
- Start your racing simulation
- Get on racetrack with your iOS device as speedometer

Usage speedometer screen:

- Swipe left or right - Change style
- Swipe up or down - Back to Welcome screen

For detailed instructions + additional information visit:



- Wireless operation over WLAN / Wifi
- Clear view of speedometer data
- Units: Metric or English ("Settings" app)
- Different styles to choose
- Automatic scaling of speedometer to match chosen car
- Windows application to support additional games

Direct supported games:

- Live for Speed

Supported games of connector application

- iRacing
- GT Legends
- GTR 2
- Race 07 (+ AddOns)
- GTR Evolution
- STCC The Game
- STCC 2 The Game
- Race Room The Game
- Race On The Game
- rFactor
- Game Stock Car

You can download the connector application from

Planned on future updates:

- More speedometer styles
- Rev limits for all iRacing cars
- Autoconnect from iOS Device with connector application
- (your wishes stand here, send me a mail)
- …

If you have ideas, questions or problems concerning the app, please
write an e-mail.


Please send mails in english or german language only.